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Calibration Service


  • Dimensional
  • Hardness
  • Torque
  • Of temperature
  • moisture
  • Electrical
  • of Time and Frequency
  • of dough
  • depression

**Certificates valid both in Mexico and outside of Mexico, since they are endorsed by international organizations such as: CENAM, EMA, ISO, NIST, ASTM, ANSI, etc.

Repair service

Repair service

In addition, we offer you our specialized repair service for measurement and precision instruments of any brand. We have highly trained technicians, availability of spare parts and guarantee on all our work. Trust us to keep your instruments in optimal condition.

Quality standards

Global Accreditation

Accreditation has become a priority issue for manufacturing companies around the world, because their clients consistently demand greater quality assurance in the products they purchase. This is why every day more companies adhere to ISO and QS quality systems.

Main Quality Standards in the World

Certificates Included

Special Certifications Available with Additional Cost

Most of the measuring equipment and instruments that we handle have a certificate of quality and adherence to the standard (free of charge). For our clients who require a long calibration certificate, to current measurements and with traceability and/or accreditation, we can provide it at an extra cost .